Every detail, every pocket, every stitch has been thought out to ensure your wearables last longer and maximum comfort. We are a proud direct distributor of the product here in the Philippines.


Introducing, another addition to the Instant collection,Zara Instant. Zara is a simple, stylish, and easy-to-wear instant hijab that is not only suitable to be worn for casual activities but also for outdoors and formal events.

Comes with a tie at the back to adjust the awning to suit every face shape. Made from ITY Knit (95% Polyester, 5% Spandex), Zara is ironless and lightweight making it suitable to be worn for long hours.


    This is very practical and still serves that elegant look yet comfortable. Made from Twill Lycra Fabric, Stellais a premium qualityinstant hijabthat is very lightweight and has breathable material which gives comfort to those who live in a tropical climate like here in the Philippines. It can be worn in 2 styles.Stella offers aTuffhold Effectthat gives resistance to motion and keeps the hijab in place.

  • Stella Kaftan

    Stella Kaftan is a new collection from the Cozy Comfy series, made from the same material as Stella Instant 2-in-1. This Twill Lycra fabric feels very comfortable on your skin, almost like you’re wearing pajamas in broad daylight. You can wear it throughout the whole day and still look presentable, even if you’re working from home. The two side pockets and side slits are made to offer convenience while still looking stylish. 

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The New Logo is introduced in regard to the recent issues with the blooming of fake products. Thus, this is one of the efforts to help us protect the brand.

Starting from the Mid-March (2022) collection, the new logo is introduced and any collection before Mid-March (2022) is using the old logo. Rest assured that any purchase using the old and new logo (metal tag) is valid until the old logo is out of stock.